Modi’s India: An intolerant Hindu state

By Dr Jumma Khan Marri

The liberal, secular India of Nehru and Gandhi is no more. Under the Modi-led BJP government, India is fast becoming a racist and fascist Hindu nationalist society in which there is no democratic dissent. The Hindutva brigade is especially targeting Muslims and other minorities in order to reduce them to the status of second-class citizens.

According to the latest global survey, India has become one of the world’s least free democracies. The Freedom in the World 2020 report ranks India at the 83rd position, along with Timor-Leste and Senegal. This is near the bottom of the list of countries categorised as “Free”, with only Tunisia receiving a lower score. India’s score fell by four points to 71, the worst decline among the world’s 25 largest democracies this year.

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