Farmers’ movement; for all oppressed people of India

By Dr Jumma Khan Marri

The message is loud and clear for Modi. Keeping their spirits high, the protesting farmers are up in arms against the high-handed policy of the RSS-dominated BJP government. Though it’s an uneasy calm that now prevails after violence erupted in Delhi on January 26 during farmers’ agitation against three farm laws brought in by Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led BJP government, the situation is still volatile and explosive.

The overwhelming support to the farmers’ movement given by scores of civil society groups as well as minorities in India is not an ordinary phenomenon. It is something unprecedented and historic. The way the trade unions, organisations of workers, students, women, Sikhs, Dalits, Adivasis, Muslims, Christians, and Indian NGOs have joined hands with the farmers shows that the movement has now turned into a “Mass Movement of the Oppressed People” against the imperialist rulers of India.

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